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When You're Strange

Weirdos, freaks, and misfits welcome! There are things that define us. Things that separate us from the whole. Everyone's a stranger in some way or another. Whatever the circumstances, strangers are compelling protagonists. For CASFWG's third anthology, we present fifteen stories of strangers. From distant planets to rural locales, enjoy the unfamiliar.

Featuring my short story Always, Always, a tale of distrust and sacrifice in a futuristic Australia.

Available from Amazon in paperback and e-book 

Earth Music

Earth Music is one of my favorite stories I've written, and features a blind alien girl who travels to Earth and dreams in music. Will the humans want to sing with her?

The world's oldest man dies, and his wife discovers his body has been enveloped in a chrysalis. When he starts to go through metamorphosis, she must confront the idea that he may not be dead at all...

Chrysalis is a sweet and funny story (and my grandmother's favorite), available to read or listen to as a free podcast on Cast of Wonders.


The Falling Marionette


In the future, there will be new and wonderful technology to assist disabled people in living normal, independent lives. But when Cass receives an innovative exoskeleton to counteract the weakness caused by her spinal muscular atrophy, she soon learns it isn't her body preventing her from feeling normal. It's society.

Free to read on Expanded Horizons!

A girl uses time travel to "do-over" her embarrassing attempts at asking out a pretty girl in this story hosted by Spectrum Lit. It's funny and adorable and features real-life genius and historical figure Ada Lovelace.
Free to read online!

Check it out at Spectrum Lit!

Circuits & Slippers

A collection of retold fairytales with a science fiction twist.

Rapunzel is a soldier, the last remaining member of the human race, locked in a zoological tower on an alien planet. Doctor Belle must remain in quarantine with a powerful politician who has contracted a beastly disease. Jack sells his arm for a chance up the Stalk, the space elevator he hopes will take him to his fortune.
These twenty stories will take you across the galaxy, exploring new technology alongside aliens and cyborgs, princes and evil stepmothers, and telling your favorite classic tales like you've never seen them before.

My story Scrapefoot is one of twenty sci-fi fairytale retellings featured in the Circuits & Slippers anthology edited by Jaylee James. When a young girl finds herself in a mysterious cottage and put through a series of three tests by ferocious, shadowy figures, can she sort out her real memories from the false ones they want her to believe?

 Available in paperback and on Kindle. Check us out on Goodreads!

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