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Novels, novellas, and anthologies I edited
Jack Jetstark's Intergalactic FreakShow
My debut novel about the performers of an intergalactic freakshow, who gain superpowers when they hear a certain song, and who might be the universe's last hope at ending a war.
Available in paperback and digital.
Love & Bubbles
An anthology of queer romance under the sea, which I co-edited with Jaylee James!
In my story, Shallows, two trainers fall for each other as they scheme to rescue the animals from a dolphinarium... but one of them is a dolphin shapeshifter from Brazilian myth, and the other is about to find out!
Available in paperback and digital!

My debut novella! A time traveler and the future president on a roadtrip to save the world. More information here. Available in paperback and ebook from Kristell Ink, an imprint of Grimbold Books.

Free online
Pocketful of Souls
 Amy is a demon. She is also quite possibly the most adorable little girl in the history of adorable little girls. Surely it can’t be her fault  someone is buying up good souls and damning them to H-E-L-L  for all of eternity? (Amy might be a demon, but that doesn’t mean she’s allowed to swear.)
 Available to read in  Luna Station Quarterly!

The Man Whose Left Arm Was a Cat
The story of a man who finds shades of off-white a bit too exciting for his taste and who suddenly finds his life turned upside down.
Free to read on Diabolical Plots. Also available in Diabolical Plots: Year Four, an ebook.
The Medusa Channel
A flash fiction horror piece about Medusa and modern technology.
Available to read for free on Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing's newsletter, and soon to be a podcast.

An #OwnVoices disability rep story about orphans who live in a junkyard and turn a wheelchair into a fighting robot. Originally published in Unfading Daydream, it was published online and in an anthology as part of Rhonda Parrish's Giftmas fundraiser.
Earth Music
Earth Music is one of my favorite stories I've written, and features a blind alien girl who travels to Earth and dreams in music. Will the humans want to sing with her?
Earth Music is available for free on Syntax & Salt!

The world's oldest man dies, and his wife discovers his body has been enveloped in a chrysalis. When he starts to go through metamorphosis, she must confront the idea that he may not be dead at all...
Chrysalis is a sweet and funny story (and my grandmother's favorite), available to read or listen to as a free podcast on Cast of Wonders.

A bisexual dork uses time travel to "do-over" her embarrassing attempts at asking out a pretty girl. It's funny and adorable and features real-life genius and historical figure Ada Lovelace.
Free to read online at Spectrum Lit! Also available in podcast form at GlitterShip and in a paperback and digital anthology.
The Good, the Bad, and the Utahraptor
Dinosaurs are appearing in the Old West... and Rosita is gonna catch one and ride it in a Wild West Show. Available to read or listen to free on Cast of Wonders!

One Last Ride on the Horse with Purple Roses
Eleanor, a grieving mother, takes her deceased daughter's imaginary friend to the park, because she isn't ready to say goodbye. Warning: I'm told this one's a tearjerker!
Available to read for free in issue 035 of Luna Station Quarterly (issue 035 also available for purchase in print and digital formats)!

Dear Vegas
Lady Luck's breakup letter to Las Vegas.
Published in Viva Las Vegas, though I won't be providing a link to it as some of the stories are very offensive and I can't in good conscience endorse it.
The story will be available for free on my blog as soon as my contract allows, in July 2019.

The Falling Marionette
In the future, there will be new and wonderful technology to assist disabled people in living normal, independent lives. But when Cass receives an innovative exoskeleton to counteract the weakness caused by her spinal muscular atrophy, she soon learns it isn't her body preventing her from feeling normal. It's society.
Originally published in Expanded Horizons and reprinted in (Dis)ability, though I've since noticed some unintended ableism in the piece and will not be linking to it. An updated version is forthcoming in an anthology.

Artist Unknown
A mysterious painting and a little alien named Gustav (Okay, he doesn't actually have a name in the story, but I call him Gustav) feature in this story my mom calls "cute."
Originally published in the now out of print Children of the Sky, it is now available on my blog.

Jesus and Dave
It's been a year since the second coming of Jesus, and Dave the atheist is Not Amused by all of his religious relatives flaunting their selfies with their lord and savior. But when Jesus comes to his door (flanked by two be-tentacled angles) and says He needs an atheist, Dave reluctantly teams up with the son of God to help save the world.
Free to read online at Diabolical Plots! Also available in Diabolical Plots: Year Four, an ebook.


The Repatriation Heist
An autistic witch travels through time to rescue a stolen spirit about to be auctioned off in Hotel Stormcove, one of many stories this hotel has to offer.Available in paperback and digital in Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove!

When rival bigfoot hunters -- one studious and scientific, the other a viral YouTube star -- find themselves in the same forest one night, they discover something far more interesting than the elusive sasquatch... (Spoiler: it's each other.)
Available in digital from SERIAL!

The Thunderbird Photo
A dorky cryptozoologist searches for a giant bird, but finds a memory-altering conspiracy instead.
Available in Hidden Histories, in digital and paperback!

A woman is trapped living the same day over and over. Like a scary Groundhog Day, and I can't say more without spoiling the end.
Originally published in Fall into Fantasy 2018, an anthology that, having read the other stories, I can't in good conscious recommend or endorse. Harvest will be available for free on my blog when the rights revert back to me on December 27, 2019.

Frankenstein's second monster tries to find her purpose by finishing the life's work of one of the people whose limbs she is made of. But the world sees her as less than because she's disabled. Can she ever be good enough?
Available in paperback and digital in We Shall Be Monsters.

Mari Lwyd
Like a festive version of A Quiet Place. Don't make a sound, or the Mari Lwyd will get you.
Available in paperback and ebook in Neon Druid, an anthology of Celtic urban fantasy.

The Courtship Dance
To impress a pretty guy, an 80s-obsessed girl decides the best course of action is to make a ton of Dirty Dancing references while learning to dance from a spider named Anita. Oh, and it's set in space, did I mention that?
Available in paperback and digital in The Tangled Web! (Cover shows a stylized image of a spider. My story should not be triggering to arachnophobes but other stories in the book are scary. If you want to read my story and not the others because of phobias, let me know and I can send it to you.)

The Wolf Mother
A story about destiny, heroes, and giant genetically engineered time traveling wolves with two mouths. So, you know. The usual.
Available in paperback and digital in Under the Full Moon's Light

The Leximancer's Rebellion
Hope is a leximancer, someone who can make magic by writing. She's also illiterate, so she'll have to find another way to magic away this alien invasion.
Available in paperback and digital in Battling in All Her Finery.

The Cemetery Cat
Pawdrey Hepburn is queen of the cats who live in the cemetery and purr to keep the ghosts asleep. But when her favorite ghost is woken up by ghost hunters, it's up to Pawdrey to help him finish his unfinished business so he can rest... and maybe she has some unfinished business to her own.
Available in paperback and digital in From A Cat's View!

Take Meme to Your Leader
The Unidentified Funny Objects series delivers an annual dose of funny, zany, and unusual science fiction and fantasy stories. UFO7 features all-new fiction from the genre's top voices, and me! My story involves aliens who talk in Internet memes.
Available in paperback and ebook!

My Rumplestiltskin retelling about a disabled girl, her assistance robot, and a factory that turns gold into circuits for war machines,
Proceeds from sales of Brave New Girls: Tales of Heroines Who Hack will be donated to a scholarship fund through the Society of Women Engineers. The third in a series of anthologies. Available in ebook and paperback!

Riot of the Wind and Sun
In the subterranean Australian town of Coober Pedy, where two young girls have a simple goal: get their favorite band to come and play a concert. Read about my real-life inspiration.
Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers is available in paperback and ebook here.

Always, Always
A tale of distrust, sacrifice, and assassins set in a futuristic Australia. Ostensibly the same world as Riot of the Wind and Sun, but much darker.
When You're Strange is available in paperback and digital.

One of twenty sci-fi fairytale retellings featured in the Circuits & Slippers anthology edited by Jaylee James. Scrapefoot is my take on Goldilocks, and my first publication ever! When a young girl finds herself in a mysterious cottage and put through a series of three tests by ferocious, shadowy figures, can she sort out her real memories from the false ones they want her to believe?
Available in paperback and digital.

Christmas Magic
Mrs. Claus is a media darling fashionista in a rivalry with Duchess Kate... oh, and she's also an alien. But is she here to save Christmas or destroy it?
Available in Mrs. Claus: Not the Fairy Tale They Say is available in paperback and digital.

The Dog Who Walked with Zombies
Dark Ink is a collection of poetry inspired by, or in response to, the genre of horror as found in film, literature, folklore/mythology, or just classic monster tropes. The Dog Who Walked with Zombies is a rhyming poem about a Very Good Dog and her zombified master.
Available in paperback and ebook!

Relationships are hard, especially when your beloved is an alien with peculiar ideas about romance.
Available in paperback and digital in Multiverse: Shoreline of Infinity International Sci-fi Poetry Anthology.

A very personal essay about making friends as an autistic person.
Free to read online in Unbroken.

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