Monday, February 19, 2024


 My newest horror story, Alone, is now available to read online from Trembling With Fear!

Set on a Star Trek style starship, Alone is a twisty psychological horror about a man hunting a mysterious and murderous being. He's been chasing it as long as he can remember, and he's finally about to catch up to it…

My story was inspired by the Blues Traveler song "Runaround" and the movie Harry and the Hendersons.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

The Spirit Of The Narcissus

 My story, The Spirit Of The Narcissus, is now available in the Queer AF issue of Tree And Stone!

It's about impossible aquatic folklore on a spaceship, body image and internalized ableism, and queer people in love.

Saturday, February 3, 2024


 My story Knead is now available for free online from 2000 Word Terrors!

A gourmet chef working at a children's pizza parlor is haunted by his past…

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Blue Incarnations

 I am very proud to announce my novel Blue Incarnations is finally available in paperback and digital!

It is a futuristic queer thriller set in a world where everybody remembers their past lives, and a corrupt government has instituted a system where people can be punished for crimes committed in a prior incarnation.

The main character, Diana Callahan, is a teenager with no memories of her past lives. When she suddenly start remembering, however, she learns maybe there was a good reason she wanted to forget… 

I have been working on this book for… I don't know, 7+ years on and off? It was inspired by the line "You've got a brand new soul" in Billy Joel's Only The Good Die Young, and whenever I got stuck on the plot I would pick some other lyrics from Billy Joel songs and work the ideas into the story somehow.

I tried to go to the traditional publishing route at one point but the story wasn't ready and I know that now. It went through a few more edits and then I decided I was going to publish it myself.

I am really proud of it and I think it's good and… Yeah. I hope people give it a chance.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Savior Of The Crying Hemlocks

 Very proud to say my story "Savior Of The Crying Hemlocks" is now available in Sunshine Superhighway: Solar Sailings!

Originally called "SQUONK If You Hate Climate Change," my story is about a woman in a futuristic world trying to save the last ancient hemlocks from poachers.

Her child helps, and they get additional support from the mysterious squonk, a legendary creature from Pennsylvania folklore who is so ugly and sad, he cries constantly. Legend says his tears can dissolve anything, even his own body, and some interpretations of these legends suggest he might be an ecological metaphor created by early lumberjacks who realized they were killing the forest as European settlers made the land more industrial.

Friday, December 1, 2023

Blue Incarnations cover reveal and pre-order

 On January 29, 2024, I will be self publishing my queer reincarnation thriller Blue Incarnations!

I've been working on this book for the better part of 10 years on and off. Writing and rewriting and eventually figuring out what story I wanted to tell.

I tried to go to traditional publishing route with it a couple years and several rewrites ago, but it wasn't ready. I thought about trying again, but querying novels isn't something I enjoy and I wanted to get more experience with the ins and outs of actually designing and publishing a book rather than just writing one.

Anyway. I'm really proud of this book and I can't wait for people to read it. You can pre-order the e-book now, and the paperback version will be available on January 29.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Mighty: An Anthology Of Disabled Superheroes

 I want to do a proper post talking about this more in depth and highlighting all of our amazing authors, but for now I just want to get the links out there and officially announce:

Mighty: An Anthology Of Disabled Superheroes is now available everywhere you buy books!

This anthology was edited by myself and Emily Gillespie, and we are so proud of our authors and we really hope you will check it out