Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Writer's Brain in (in)Action

I think my brain has passed the point of no return as a writer. Now it's plotting in my sleep.

I remember at least a snippet of a dream every night (I'm sure it's a sign of some neurological issue, but I don't mind). Most of them are random, make no sense, and aren't that exciting or interesting to anyone except me (unless you like zombies; they show up more than is probably healthy).

But lately they've been... oddly coherent. Last week I had a dream with foreshadowing in it. Someone drove past a sign that said "look at the flowers" (a line from The Walking Dead that was said before someone was killed, which has become a euphemism for death between my mom and I), and sure enough, he ended up dead.

And two nights ago my dream started with what they call in TV a cold open. Seriously. It started with three people trapped or hiding in abandoned cars and fallen logs, then went back to the beginning of how they met and why they were on the run.

Not sure if this is a good sign or a sign of madness but I am not complaining. Worrying slightly for my sanity, but not complaining.


  1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I remember dreams randomly - several in the same week, and then nothing for months. Write them down, is my advice - your subconscious is trying to get something out into the open!

    1. I do write them down. I have a loooong word document full of them.
      Thank you for returning the visit!