Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Plot Notes!

I'm about to finish the first draft of a novel. It's a young adult story about reincarnation and taking down an evil government.

I think I'm calling it Blue Incarnations.

And editing it is going to be... fun. Especially because I'd write for a few months, something else would catch my interest for a while, and I'd come back to it later. Each time, I forgot some details and come up with new ideas. The last chapters tell a very different story than the first chapters. I've changed which characters are the good guys, what was supposed to be the whole plot is now just a little sideplot, and a dead character was reincarnated as a very evil preteen.

And that means I'm in for a lot of editing.

And that means...


I'm expecting a lot of good ones when I actually start editing, but for now, here are some notes from my plot outline.


  • D killed P in jungle life, possibly for same reason Gran killed D - they thought 30 was being repealed soon and next life would be without punishment (but P didn't kill anyone; bgs were after her for starting resistance) (I know exactly what all the abbreviations mean. I still have no clue what I'm talking about because none of this happens in the book.)
  • Can I seriously call the bad guys "nematodes?"
  • Flower obstetrician (I forgot the term "botanical geneticist")
  • But how do you dismantle a government using knowledge of horticulture in only one day?
  • It's what you get when you combine reincarnation, an evil government, and Billy Joel songs. (this is apparently how I described the book. It was inspired by a line in Only The Good Die Young, but otherwise there isn't a lot of similarity to Billy Joel songs. Which is probably why I wrote this:)
  • Okay this is solarpunk now. Fix the cities. Add more Billy Joel.
  • They really did start the fire, though. If "fire" is a metaphor for "social change" and "Belgians in the Congo" is a metaphor for "bad guys in the shopping mall."


  1. I love reincarnation stories! Your first draft sounds a lot like all of mine - usually I think of them as very detailed notes, and my second draft becomes the first! Good luck. I looking forward to your editing notes - you're so funny :-)

    1. That's about how I'm thinking of this draft. :D

  2. Good luck with your edits. Nematodes... I remember that word from school. Biology I think?