Saturday, March 12, 2016


In the time travel western I'm writing, outlaws ride utahraptors. They're the size of horses, and. they. have. feathers. (Sorry, Jurassic Park; you've always been my favorite movie, but your "velociraptors" leave a lot to be desired in the realism department. Like I can talk; my technicolor raptors wear saddles and attack stagecoaches... but at least they have feathers).

This lovely lady is River, the mount of the as yet unnamed outlaw leader. I opted against full, wing-like arm feathers as I like the flowy look of the feathers on her head and tail (and I don't have the skills to make it look nice that way).
I traced the outline from this diagram on Wikipedia.


  1. Nice! Utahraptors. My daughter knows all there is to know about dinosaurs at this point, and she's mentioned the missing feathers. However, at 8 years old, she has a crush on Chris Pratt, so the inaccurate dinos don't get her down too much. ;)

    1. Ha. When I was her age, we didn't know dinosaurs were supposed to have feathers, so I would point out when toy tyrannosaurs had the wrong number of toes.