Monday, November 6, 2017

When You're Strange is Published!

Weirdos, freaks, and misfits welcome! There are things that define us. Things that separate us from the whole. Everyone's a stranger in some way or another. Whatever the circumstances, strangers are compelling protagonists. For CASFWG's third anthology, we present fifteen stories of strangers. From distant planets to rural locales, enjoy the unfamiliar.

When You're Strange, featuring my story Always, Always, is published!

Available from Amazon in paperback and e-book 

Always, Always is a tale of sacrifice set in a futuristic Australia, and I'm so happy I can finally introduce the world to Tress and Voltaire!

Through all the various iterations Always, Always took on its journey from novel to short story, one thing remained constant: the title.

(Okay, technically it was called Semper, Semper for most of its life, but that's just Latin for Always, Always.)

The Outback is called the Never Never, a name that evokes bleakness and death. And in my original idea, that's what it was: a place where Tress and her town were dying. I also vaguely remember something to do with one of Charlie's (a character I've written out of this version) tattoos, and a promise to his sister.

Now it has a different meaning for the characters, and for me. This story was always, always in my head; even when I was convinced the plot wouldn't work, I knew there was something special there and the story needed to be told.

Also! I just made my first reprint sale! But I'm not allowed to announce details about this yet so shhhh. :)

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