Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Love & Bubbles Kickstarter is Live!

[begin sales pitch]


Love & Bubbles is an anthology of love under the sea, with stories by emerging and established authors.


By supporting this Kickstarter, you will be ensuring that we can pay authors a reasonable rate for their work. There are some straight pairings but it's a very queer book put together by some very queer writers and editors. And if we reach our stretch goals, we add even more stories (and mine is one of them, so I am very invested in this).


And on a personal note, everything I get paid for doing this will hopefully go towards me doing my own anthology one day.


But we don't get published without your help, and we've got some awesome donor rewards including cross stitch made by yours truly!

We have...

Lochlan and Vanessie the Loch Ness Monsters!

Lochlan and Vanessie's necks make a heart shape silhouetted against a Scottish sunset, and the water is accented with sparkly thread.


Narman and Whalter the gay narwhals!

Ah, narwhals. The majestic unicorns of the sea. With the aurora borealis in the background, Narman and Whalter leap out of the Arctic Ocean with a carved ice heart. Their spiraling horns are sparkly.


Phillip the squid!

Phillip the "cephillipod" is a jolly purple squid. He doesn't have a partner, but that's okay because he loves himself. He is hugging a nice big heart, and there are sparkly bubbles behind him.


Each image was lovingly custom designed and stitched for this project, is one of a kind, and is framed in a wooden hoop measuring 6 inches in diameter.

So here's the link again. Please support this project.

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