Wednesday, August 24, 2016

More Notes from the Revision Room

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Now back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

So I'm trying to get my manuscript in shape for #PitMad on September 8. It's really close to being as good as I can get it, so it just needs just a final pass or two of edits, and that means I get to find notes written to myself.

At some point you should do a search for how many times you say "a long, long time ago" because I'm slightly concerned that it's more than one.

Check the frequency of "dichotomous," too.

Numbers don't mean anything anymore! (I rearranged some chapters and it was very confusing)

I don't really know how space works and I think I'm just subconsciously trying to make things up that are plausible enough that they don't anger Neil deGrasse Tyson.

It feels like there should be a flashback here but all the important scenes have been done. I could write about them, like, scrapbooking or something, but I think that would just end up getting cut. With fancy scissors.

Double check the constellations, yo.

I feel like I'm not using the word "pageantry" enough. (story of my life)

"No matter how much it scares you, when the people around you are starving, you turn rocks into bread. It isn't a choice; you just do it." That is a line you're proud of?

Have you seriously been misspelling the name of your own ship all along just because you can't be bothered to check whether that's a lowercase M or RN?

And this chapter shall be titled "Jen doesn't know what pollution does."

I just named a city after a character in my favorite Choose Your Own Adventure book. (Or, "I'm an adult and I still have a favorite Choose Your Own Adventure book." It's actually apt, though, because the book is The Owl Tree and my character from that city is sort of an owl.)


[Spaceballs], the placeholder!

This feels like Final Fantasy VII.

Wait. Now I think I stole every one of my characters from Final Fantasy VII. Jack = Cloud, Lily = Tifa, Merulo = Barrett, Diantha = lady Sephiroth, Parthen = Aeris, Pneuman = also kind of Aeris but in spirit form, Theon = kind of Red XII, Ruby and Cara = sort of Yuffie but less cool.


  1. I'm pretty sure I can skip the number check for dichotomous in my manuscripts, though now that you've planted the seed I'll probably feel the need to use it all the time:)

    1. Yeah, not a word I think I use that often either, but autocorrect was all too happy to suggest it for me, so I must have used it at some point!

  2. Haha This made me smile.

    Love your cover, btw.

    1. Thanks! The cover was done by Najia Qamber Designs - such an amazing job (my grandmother currently has it as her desktop wallpaper!)