Thursday, January 25, 2018

Love & Bubbles Announcement!

Last week, I was planning to have a post about how I'd like to edit an anthology someday. And then I couldn't because ~*~*secret reason of secrecy*~*~ This is the reason:


See, there's this idea that keeps popping into my head, usually as I'm about to fall asleep. And it's ridiculous and would be so much more stress than I need, but when I think about it, it makes me so excited that I can't sleep.

What if I edited an anthology?

Almost immediately, the more rational part of me tries to talk the hyperactive part down, pointing out the absurdity of the idea. Like I'm going to put out a call for submissions and edit stories and publish a book.

But then that little voice says, But what if I did?

I mean, really.

I have a little expendable money from getting stories published that I can use to pay authors. I'm good at editing, and I don't think I'm afraid of rejecting people.

Best of all, I have a community of people who will get the word out and help find a cover artist. I'm friends with people who have done this before and can help with the technical aspects.


So I asked my friend Jaylee James, editor of Circuits & Slippers, how hard it really is to put together a project of that size.

...and long story short, I'm now the assistant editor of er next anthology, Love & Bubbles! It's a collection of romance stories under the sea.


I'm excited and heart-eyes for the whole process, even if people keep warning me about the hell of the slush pile.

Right now my duties are reading the submissions and helping pick the best ones, and I've also made some graphics and rewards for the Kickstarter page.

Hopefully I continue to love this process as much as I currently am, and I'll be able to do my own next year.

(I'm thinking sci-fi Shakespeare retellings? "To Sleep Perchance to Dream of Electric Sheep"?)


  1. Sounds great! Never say never, and never little to that little voice that says you can't. Have fun with it!

    1. Thanks! I'm certainly enjoying it so far, and it's great to see the process from the other side.