Thursday, March 1, 2018

Anachronism Cover and Release Date!

I am thrilled to finally reveal the cover and release date of my novella ANACHRONISM! It's going to be published by Kristell Ink, an imprint of Grimbold Books, on June 1st! If you want to be part of my release tour, or if you're a reviewer who wants an ARC, sign up here!

Very early on in the editing process, I was asked if I had any ideas for the cover. And I did not. So I asked my mom, who was SUPER HELPFUL and asked if I could change the main character's name to something like Green and just make the cover green.

So I asked my aunt instead. She had actually read Anachronism, and we identified a few key symbols of the story: time, broken glass, and a pendant of a winged woman.

There isn't actually a broken pocket watch in the book, but this seemed like the best way to incorporate all of the symbols, so we sent that idea off to the editor and artist (who's named Jen Gossman, by the way), and look at what they came up with!

Anachronism is the same old story: Time traveler meets girl, time traveler tells girl she's the future president, time traveler and girl go on a road trip to prevent a war...

Petra Vincent is at the end of her rope - or rather, the edge of a bridge. Her world is falling apart around her and she sees no way out of the meaningless existence the future has in store. But when
stranded time traveler Moses Morgan tells her that she will one day lead the country out of the rubble of a nuclear civil war as President of the United States, she's intrigued - and when another time traveler starts trying to preemptively assassinate her, she realizes Moses might be telling the truth...

Anachronism is a time-traveling, adventure-filled novella with a whole bagful of danger, twists, and snarky banter.

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Expect to hear me talking about this book a LOT over the next three months, as well as some changes to my site. I'm so excited to introduce the world to these characters!
(Oh! Also, my book also got a blurb in this month's issue of Far Horizons e-mag

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