Saturday, May 19, 2018

T-Minus Less Than Two Weeks!

Anachronism comes out in less than two weeks. It feels like it's happening so fast and so slowly at the same time. I submitted the first version of the manuscript two years ago!

I didn't talk about my acceptance much at first because some part of my brain didn't want to get its hopes up in case it fell through for some reason? But it's happening and everyone at Kristell/Grimbold has been amazing.


Since my character Petra is the president in the future, we made these campaign posters to promote the book. (And my editor made the second one into pins!)

And this is my villain, Zachary Davenport, a time traveling assassin with moderately attractive eyebrows and plans for chaos. He's absolutely evil and I love him. He's a blast to write for and I hope everyone will love to hate him. (And maybe feel a little nervous around sunflowers?)

You can pre-order the ebook here (dead tree version coming soon): and add it on Goodreads:

(Also, Glass and Gardens got a great review at Publisher's Weekly:

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