Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Craft Time!

You know that feeling when you've made a baby hat but you don't have a baby to model it?

Alternate caption: When you have to Google "what age baby has the same head circumference of a large cat?" to know if your hat will fit.

My poor Sulley.
Actually, he doesn't really mind wearing hats. As long as he can shake them off, he'll just sit there calmly for a while. (His annoyed look is because there's a camera in his face.) And he's never played with yarn or tried to take my projects apart. He's a good boy.
(And yes, I know I should be trying to keep cat hair out of things made for babies with sensitive skin. The yarn is too scratchy for a baby anyway and the hat was just me practicing increasing and decreasing before I did a hat for myself.)

And then I made this for my aunt.

It's cross stitched, about six inches across I think.
(That blue string at the bottom is not attached and wasn't noticed until after we took the picture.)
And this is the pattern I made for my current project. It's a parasaurolophus!
(Art tip: Can't draw feet? Add foliage!)

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