Thursday, June 22, 2017

People Watching (and Jen Pretends to Care about Sports!)

I love people watching. You can get so many ideas for characters that way.

And I don't know if I'm just noticing them more, or if Oneonta has experienced an influx of interesting people lately, but I've been making a list of my favorite strangers. Those people who you see and just want to say "TELL ME ALL ABOUT YOUR FASCINATING LIFE."

Feel free to adopt them for your own stories.

  • Big, tough, Italian-looking man in a monster truck shirt, eating ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.
  • Duck-Dynasty-type fella - long gray beard, get-off-my-lawn face, so much camouflage - getting out of a pickup truck. Which had a Pokeball antenna bopper.
  • Guy dressed in what first appeared to be a robe but ended up being a full karate outfit, going through self-checkout at Walmart with a large pack of assorted Tupperware.
  • The Twelfth Doctor drinking a milkshake. (Okay, maybe not a very interesting stranger but he looked so much like Peter Capaldi from Doctor Who that I'm almost wondering if there was a costume contest going on somewhere. He even had the sunglasses.)
  • Guy casually walking down Main Street in a hospital gown with his well-dressed friend. It was tied and he had shorts and a shirt on underneath. They were several blocks from the hospital or any doctor's office.
  • Old man with long beard, cowboy hat, and Rottweiler, his arms crossed as he watched a street cleaning machine. He and the dog both looked very critical.

And now, sports.
Yes, sports. Also known as "kind of like Quidditch but without the good parts."
I don't care much for sports that don't involve broomsticks, but my friend Penny's grandson, Cody Bellinger, is on the LA Dodgers. And he's awesome. Breaking all the records (or some of them. I don't know. Sports).
And we're trying to get him in the All Star Game as a write-in for the outfield on the National League team. I don't know how many people I'll reach with my little writing blog and Twitter, but I thought I might as well try because Penny is the best.
If you want to fill out a ballot, here's the link: (you can pick random people or you don't have to fill out the whole thing)

So, have you ever seen an interesting stranger?

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