Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fan Mail

(You know that thing where you write an email and forget to send it, so it sits in your drafts for a week? This is the blog version of that.)

Well, I feel like I just passed another author milestone...

I got my first ever fan letter!

It's from my orthopedic doctor, who I've been seeing since I was... like, three years old or something? He's technically in pediatrics but he's the best doctor in the office and sometimes he just doesn't send his adult patients to adult doctors. He's awesome and has rappelled down buildings and flown in the Pope's helicopter.

Yes, really. I like to think he's secretly like if Indiana Jones chose a safer life and went into orthopedics instead of adventuring. (There's a story there somewhere.)

Anyway. I left a copy of Scrapefoot, my story in Circuits & Slippers, for him and his nurse after my last appointment, and he sent me a little letter from his home address and everything.

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