Thursday, September 29, 2016

Circuits & Slippers is Published! (updated with an interview)

Twenty authors, twenty fairy tales retold with a sci-fi twist...

Circuits & Slippers is now available in paperback and ebook!

*biggest. grin. ever.*



I'm trying to put into words how this feels, and I'm failing.

This stupid little hobby that has dominated my life. These silly little stories that I spend so much time and energy on. They're about to put my name into the world. And yes, it's an anthology being sold online and my story is undoubtedly the shortest and I'm not going to get famous from it. But there will be a book in someone's home that has my name on the back cover. And my words on pages 221 through 229 (At least, that's where they are in the advanced copy). And when I say that means everything to me, it is not hyperbole.

I will be forever thankful to our editor Jaylee James for taking a chance with me, and to all the other authors who are making this a fun and stress-free first experience.


The other 19 authors are:

Allan Davis Jr., James Wood, Leandra Wallace, Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney, M. Z. Medina, Marie Piper, Nitai R. Poddar, Sara Daniele Rivera, Caitlin Nicoll, Shannon McDermott, Christopher Walker, Claudie Arseneault, Diane Dubas, Eben Mishkin, Elizabeth Hopkinson, C.M. Lloyd, L.G. Keltner, Lizz Donnelly, and Lea Anne Guettler.

Remember their names. Read their stuff. They're amazing writers and they've made this whole process all the more fun. I was kind of apprehensive about being on Twitter, but this bunch of amazing people make it so fun and a lot of us share a sense of humor (which is based mostly around bad puns).

One of our authors, Leandra Wallace, has a celebration post on her blog.

And (I don't know how I forgot to link to this!) I did an interview with The Handy Uncapped Pen blog for disabled and neurodivergent writers.
And now on to the obligatory "hey, buy our book!" part.

For some reason, Amazon has the physical and ebook copies in two separate listings. Jaylee has emailed Amazon about it, but for now, the links are:

And our Goodreads page

Both of which I'm contractually required to tell you to share with everyone you have ever met (Okay, not really. :D But our editor did ask us to spread the word. And if you enjoy it, the best way to show it is by leaving a review!)

I'm going to go collapse from excitement now.



  1. A science fiction fairy tale combo is intriguing.

    1. It is, and the authors took the idea in so many different directions!

  2. So excited to read this one. It's next on my list!

  3. Congratulations to you, and all the other contributors.

    That first publishing credit is always so special. I remember mine - it holds a very special place in my heart. In years to come, you'll look back on this as the very beginning :-)

    1. Thank you.
      Yes, this is definitely the beginning. My family is already calling me "The Author Jennifer Lee Rossman" and wanting to know when I'm being published again. :D

  4. The book is right down my alley. Its on my TBR list for sure. Huge congrats to you! This is definitely a day to celebrate!

    1. Thanks! It's a really great book (and since I only wrote like 10 pages of it, that totally isn't bragging)!