Thursday, September 1, 2016

More Editing Notes

I'm going to be a published author in less than a month with the publication of Circuits & Slippers (!!!!!). To celebrate, here are some more notes I made while editing my novel.

"Because she was my daughter? Because they were in danger?" Oh, ambiguous pronouns, you amuse me so.

If Parthen was pregnant that would complicate things immensely. Especially because both potential fathers are in the same body right now (oh hey, conjoined twins) and so Theon could argue that they're both eating for two, and what if the baby had powers? It's zombie fetus all over again. (I just want to point out that there is no indication Parthen is pregnant in the book, nor is that anything I even considered, so I don't know why my brain is pointing out all that the problems that would cause. And "zombie fetus all over again" is a misleading Walking Dead reference. There was never a zombie fetus in the book. Or in The Walking Dead, for that matter.)

And now I'm misreading "boots" as "boobs." I'm think I need to use a different font.

Why do you talk about pronouns so freaking much?

It's the midpoint reversal where everything changes!

Is "hove" a word? (yes, but not the way I wanted to use it).

I seriously have to come up with some excuse for all the talk about pronouns in this book. I mean, is it an allegory for the inherent human need to label? Sure. I'mma go with that. (None of my characters use nonbinary gender pronouns or anything as logical as that. They just talk about grammar a lot for some reason.)


  1. Parthen? I just have to ask if there's an interesting story behind that name. Your story does sound interesting, though.

    1. Thanks. There is a story behind the name, though "interesting" may be a stretch. It comes from "parthenogenesis," which is when animals give birth without mating - a virgin birth. And Parthen has several powers that, in an early draft, led to someone jokingly calling her "Jesus" (before I realized I should make up my own religions). It's like an inside joke only I get.