Sunday, September 18, 2016

More Editing Notes

I found more notes I wrote myself while editing FreakShow (which is currently in the inbox of several agents-AAAH!).


You prove to me that robot mosquitoes can survive the possibly lightyears of space travel to get back to Vespi and arrive unharmed, and I will give you a dollar. (not a binding contract)

Sometimes I hit Tab instead of Q and it looks like I'm redacting parts of the story.

What, pray tell, is a "watchment route"? Did you mean "surveillance"? Because I think you meant "surveillance."

I don't know if that's how gravity works, but to be fair neither does Jack. (my go-to excuse for when I get facts wrong)

Did we forget that your ship also has wings?

Before you even think about letting another person read this, you make damn sure every time you mean to say "peering," it doesn't say "peeing." Why does everyone peer so much, anyway?

Solidified air. It's a thing. Deal with it.

I have no idea how big buildings should be. Four hundred floors? Sure!

If this ever becomes a movie, I get to play "scared girl at keyboard."

It's commentary on the value we place on women's appeeeeeeeaaaarances!

Vespi is both a city and a planet. Like Hollywood.

*just barely refrains from launching into a song from The Land Before Time IV*

I can see it now: "The book most influential to my writing career is definitely the Final Fantasy VII strategy guide."

It's hard to describe things. Can the last chapters just be a picture book? Or my phone number and a promise that if you call, I'll explain how it ends?

Running, as described by someone perplexed as to how people walk without falling.

Oh my god; it's a boss battle. You dork.


  1. LOL
    Have you read M.J. Fifield's blog? ( Because she does this too. (*Peers at own WIP. Shudders. Closes file*)

    1. No, I haven't. Thank you for telling me about it!