Wednesday, April 26, 2017

News, Revise and Resubmit, and Notes

So. Busy day for me means a long post. We'll get to the editing notes in a minute, but I got two emails within 30 minutes today that were slightly exciting.
First, my short story Chrysalis will be made into a podcast that will air on Cast of Wonders as part of their Little Wonders collection in mid-July. Exact date to come.

And then there was the rejection for my novel.

I know what you're thinking. "You said this was exciting?" It is, I swear!

This was a rejection on my first full manuscript request for FreakShow, and while I was really hoping it would be accepted, the editor gave me a lot of great notes and said I could resubmit if I wanted to revise my novel.

In a way, it kind of hurts to see paragraph after paragraph of things I did "wrong." I love this book so much, and the perfectionist in me sees all criticism as a personal attack (even though I know it isn't). And then there's the feeling that I somehow disappointed the editor, which I don't think is true.

But I don't really disagree with anything she said, and I kind of feel like I should have seen these problems before I submitted it.

You know the big exciting thing, though? There were a few parts and characters I love (Billie, m' dear, I'm looking at you, you darling little knife-wielding nutjob) that I worry other people won't "get", and as I read the notes, I kept expecting to see "This whole plotline seems unnecessary." But all my favorite bits were "spared." Nice things were said about some of them, too. (And those of you who've read my editing notes for this novel will appreciate this: absolutely no mention of how I kept using birds to symbolize other birds!)

I feel like I should be dreading the idea of editing this again, but honestly? I'm kind of looking forward to going back to the FreakShow world again and making it even better.


Okay. Making the longest post even longer, I'm slowly working my way through the awful first draft of Blue Incarnations, my young adult novel. Join me as I laugh at myself, won't you?

"CHAPTER 6 GOES HERE"? Are you freaking kidding me?

Wait, then immediately after that I have what appears to be all of chapter 6?

Why is Carey dressed like Elton John from the 1970s but also from the future?

The best thing I can say about this scene? It's very short.

Blue Incarnations first draft drinking game: take a drink every time I forgot whether Carey was tall and gangly or very fat.

I don't know if all these jungle references are on purpose or not, but it's getting to be about as annoying as when you kept symbolizing birds with other birds.


You have definitely eaten recently, Diane. There was a super important scene all about it. Twice.

And here I thought being finished with FreakShow meant we were done with scenes where people go "Omg stars are so pretty!"

SHE'S GAY. ALWAYS. (I originally had her realize she was attracted to girls after meeting the love interest. This was my subtle way of telling myself to have her know from the beginning.)

I highly doubt the government is going to be overthrown because they unscrew the lids on the salt shakers, Jen. I mean, there IS something in between "juvenile pranks" and "political assassination."

Obliviate is not a word. Problem is, I have no idea what word you were thinking of. (Used in the context of "Advancements in technology helped the computer obliviate the need for typewriters." I MIGHT have meant "eliminate"?)

Rubber bands don't have the mental capacity to repent. Your metaphor is invalid.

Oh YAY. (<--sarcasm) We've reached the part of the book where you gave up and named everyone after Walking Dead characters for some reason.


So yeah. That was my day. :D

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