Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cross Stitch for My Grandparents

I finished these cross stitch projects a while ago, but had to keep them secret because one was a surprise for my grandfather. But now I can share!


My grandmother loves her garden, and these are some of her favorite flowers. Penny for scale.

The colors got sort of washed out, especially on the sunflower where you can hardly see the lighter shade of yellow. (And I didn't take off the masking tape I used to keep the edges from fraying!)


And this is my grandfather's shop, the Post & Boot, where he sells handmade birdhouses and other garden decor.

I wouldn't be a good granddaughter if I didn't give them some free advertising:


  1. Ahh, I love that you made your grandfather's shop into a cross stitch. That's so sweet! Do you create all your own patterns? That's the part of cross stitch that intimidates me most.

    1. I do make my own patterns. It comes easy to me because I grew up making pixel art, but it is tricky. It helps if you have a picture to base it on, and draw a grid over that.