Thursday, August 17, 2017

Is Today Tuesday? (Acceptance!)

In July, I had two stories accepted and three published. So far in August, four acceptances.

And it's just blowing my mind that I'm having this success. I'd like to think I'm becoming a better writer (and I probably am; we are always improving our craft), but mostly I think it's quantity. I've been submitting at least one story a week since January. That greatly increases my odds of the right story getting to the right people.


So! The stories!


I've told y'all about the Mrs. Claus anthology. I'm extra excited about this one because the last anthology helped me make so many friends.

Last week, I got TWO stories accepted at Diabolical Plots. "Jesus and Dave" and "The Man Whose Left Arm Was a Cat." I'm the first author to get two stories accepted in the same submission window.


So the last two Tuesdays, I got acceptances. This Tuesday, I didn't, but this week our schedule got changed and our regular Tuesday appointment was moved to today... And I got an acceptance!

I haven't signed a contract yet, and I never know how much I can say until then, but it's an online magazine and my story involves aliens and language and music.


  1. Wow, you're rocking this. Congratulations! I always wait to make the official announcement after I've signed a contract. I don't really have concrete reasons for it, but I do it to be safe.

  2. AHH, congratulations! I can't wait until they're all published so I can read them. I just finished Do-overs (I know, I'm late to the party on that.) and literally squealed out loud. It's so cute.

    Where can I go to read more about the Mrs. Claus anthology? Because I love it already.