Monday, August 7, 2017

Two Anthology Announcements!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

*calendar and thermometer vehemently disagree*

Well, I'm in a Christmassy mood, in any event, because I just got a story accepted in an anthology about Mrs. Claus! 

An official announcement and list of authors will be made after contracts and edits are done in a month or two, and the book is expected to be published this winter.

So watch this space for more information.




Jaylee James, editor of Circuits & Slippers, is looking for stories of love under the sea for an upcoming anthology called Love & Bubbles.

It will be funded by a Kickstarter early next year, and I can confirm that there will be some very cool backer rewards. (Let's just say, if you like cross stitch and super cute sea creatures in love, I miiiight be making some things that will interest you!)
More information and submission form here:


  1. Eeee!!! An anthology of Mrs. Clause sounds lovely! :D That Love & Bubbles sounds pretty neat, too... just sayin ;)

    1. Yeah, I've heard the editor is pretty awesome... ;)